February 15, 2016


Thinking About Getting Engaged?

We at Leslie Berman Inc. would love to help you create the perfect engagement ring for you and your significant other. The shape of a stone is an important factor for every engagement ring.  Don’t confuse shape with cut; shape indicates the actual geometry of the stone and is a matter of individual preference, whereas cut is a technical term that relates to the precision of angles or facets in the stone that determine a stone’s fire and luminosity.

Here are some common shapes and cuts:




Round Brilliant – A round brilliant shape is exactly what it describes – round – while a round brilliant cut is generally thought to provide the most sparkle and offers the best faceting in terms of reflecting light.  As a result it’s a popular choice which creates a classic look.  Like our round brilliant engagement ring or our micropave and round brilliant engagement ring above, this shape works well in a solitaire setting which will truly showcase your stone.



R0337dz_350Round Diamond Channel



The round brilliant shape also works well in wedding bands.  Either a channel setting (left) or a common prong setting (right) will be a perfect compliment to any engagement ring.





Cushion – Cushion cuts come both rectangular and square.  The cushion cut gets its name from the rounded cut sides of the stone which bow out like a cushion or pillow.  As a result the facets of a cushion cut stone create maximum brilliance and fire.  Couples looking for alternatives to the traditional diamond engagement ring love our cushion shaped sapphire and round diamond ring set in platinum.






Emerald – An emerald shape is rectangular and produces a traditional, elegant look. The emerald cut offers linear lines with beautiful fire as seen in our large, emerald cut sapphire and diamond ring set in platinum.


R0093P_zEmerald Cut Engagement



An emerald solitaire setting is very flattering and elongating on many fingers. Our three stone diamond ring set in platinum is a wonderful option.





The emerald cut also looks beautiful in a side stone setting like our emerald cut engagement ring with baguette side stones set in platinum.  Here the tapered baguette stones beautifully frame the center emerald shaped stone to create a traditional but bold look.


yellow sapphire ring



Asscher – Asscher cuts are actually square emerald cuts.  They are known for their step down faceting and offer clean, modern lines.  Like the emerald cut, asscher cuts have cut corners.  You can see the beautiful depth of light that the step down faceting creates in our yellow sapphire and round diamond ring set in platinum.



The shape and cut you select impacts the spirit, fire and style of your engagement ring.  If you’d like more information on any aspect of purchasing your engagement ring, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  There’s a unique and dramatic choice for every couple and we’re excited to help you execute your vision from conception to finish.