Customer Testimonials

Hear from a few of our happy customers about their first-hand experience with Leslie Berman.


Leslie has the most beautiful, elegant Diamonds in the "Diamond District" of New York.

We bought our diamond emerald cut ring from Leslie Berman. She has the most remarkable and brilliant diamonds well below retail.

If you are looking for that special gift for a lady in your life, call upon Leslie Berman for the finest diamonds and settings that truly are a girl's best friend.

Thank you so much Leslie, for my absolutely beautiful diamond emerald cut ring. It is just gorgeous. I love the setting and style you suggested for my hand frame. It's perfect!

Jan S.

When it comes to buying me presents, my husband knows there is nothing I love more then jewelry. When he set out to find me the perfect gift, he knew there was only one person he needed to see and that was Leslie Berman.  She designed the most beautiful sapphire ring that absolutely took my breath away!Thank you Leslie for making me a ring I could only dream of! You are amazing!!

Shelli H.

Leslie understood what kind of engagement ring I wanted she suggested me the fittings, shape of the diamond and the size and it turned out to be exactly what I wanted. She is an awesome jeweler in Manhattan.

Ruby P.

I got married in June and Leslie Berman designed my husband and I's engagement rings and wedding bands. We couldn't be more thrilled with what she created for us!

Located in a prime location on Fifth Avenue, Leslie's showroom is quiet and charming. While our rings were a "special order," Leslie offers quite an array of stock merchandise ranging from earrings to necklaces and rings...all of which were gorgeous.

We were able to sit and share our design ideas with Leslie one-on-one. While we may have had many different thoughts going in to the process, she was able to take our ideas and create our dream bands.

Leslie was honest and accessible during the entire buying process. Being two men who had never made large jewelry purchases in the past, Leslie put us at ease... so much so that we invited she and her husband to our wedding!

We cannot thank Leslie and the team at Leslie Berman Inc enough for helping to make our day so special! I highly recommend her for all your jewelry needs.

Arthur B.

My fiancee went to Leslie for our engagement ring, and I all-caps LOVE it.

He customized the design--a round brilliant diamond with two pear-shaped fancy intense yellow diamond side stones. The center stone was a family heirloom--the original diamond his dad used to propose to his mom--and knowing that I love yellow my  intended decided to put yellow diamonds on the sides.  :-)

Leslie found the perfect pair of yellow diamonds--the size and shape complement the center stone perfectly--and, just as importantly, they fit my fiancee's budget. The whole process of designing and setting my customized ring took about two months.

I absolutely love the ring and can't wait to start looking at wedding band options with Leslie!

Colleen D.

When it comes to jewelry, I didn't know the difference between a carrot and carat and I was pretty sure the 4 c's were an R&B group from the early 90's. But that all changed when I went to Leslie Berman.

It's at the top of the Bergdorf Goodman building right in midtown and close to my office which was great. Seeing as how I didn't know what I was looking for or what I was doing, it was great that Leslie was patient and willing to explain everything to me in ways that I understand.

While there was a bunch of inventory, I was pleased to find out that the majority of her work is custom pieces which means I could figure out what I liked and she'd make it - and for less than what I could find other places. Leslie made me comfortable with the otherwise daunting process and explained to me the pricing structures and why it seemed like everything at Cartier and Tiffany's was so much more expensive (long story short - their prices aren't wholesale like they were at Leslie Berman. Even I could figure out that two of the exact same stones shouldn't be priced that differently).

I was able to give Leslie a price range and see what I could get for my money.

Before I went in I checked out the website and was glad that I could check out some of the inventory before I left the office; I was pleasantly surprised considering it was a modest, personal shop unlike some of the other warehouse-like places in the diamond district.

I was just looking for a pleasant buying  experience at a fair price and couldn't have had a better outcome.

Omar Z.